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Florida Keys Real EstateThe Florida Keys real estate market is one of the most highly sought after in the country. People seek Florida Keys homes for the sun and perfect tropical weather, and they stay for the island lifestyle. In this unique locale can you spend your days busily chasing the next big catch or relaxing the day away from your waterfront porch; either way the islands give a life that is distinctly Florida Keys. At Broker's Edge Realty, we want to help you find the right Florida Keys property to fit your lifestyle - whatever that may be.

We have become the premier real estate website in the Florida Keys by offering the most comprehensive Florida Keys real estate information available on the market. Feel free to browse through the real estate in the Keys MLS using a variety of search options, including search by property type, bank owned REO foreclosures, luxury waterfront homes for sale, properties with ocean access and boat dockage, short sale homes and condos, and more. Organized to help you find the perfect property, our website is designed to help you easily access MLS listings quickly and effortlessly. 

Find Florida Keys houses for sale and top Florida Keys real estate agents, while accessing home values throughout the Keys. Browse Florida Keys real estate listings, Florida Keys homes for sale including FSBOS for sale by owners, realtors, new homes, and foreclosures - all from one site. Our free real estate services include access to all of the Florida Keys. Find school district information, including elementary, middle, and high schools in the Keys, as well as information such as faculty ratios and other important education statistics. We also provide information on home selling, home buying, mortgages, and other realty services for anyone looking to sell a home or buy a home in the Fla Keys. Browse inventory for sale in the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, and Lower Keys including Key West. Be sure to check out all of the housing types available, including single family homes, multi-family homes, and waterfront condos and homes in the Fl Keys. Please contact us for personal assistance in the home buying or selling process.

About the Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are the tropical heart of Florida. Located just south of the mainland, this grouping of small islands actually spans about 120 miles from north to south, beginning with Key Largo and winding up in exciting Key West. Most people identify South Florida with popular destinations like Fort Lauderdale and Miami, but the Florida Keys offers a very different experience. Instead of the hustle and bustle of their neighbors to the north, the Florida Keys offer a relaxing lifestyle centered on the water and laid back living. 

In the Florida Keys you can easily spend more time on the water than on land. Enjoy fishing? The Florida Keys is home to an amazing array of marine life, which has led to its designation as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” Only here can you spend the morning trolling the shallow waters of the mangroves and the afternoon anchored on a coral reef. The Keys’ unique angling experience is bolstered by its division of bay and ocean fishing and the ease of accessing each environment, not to mention the sheer masses of diverse species found here. This has also led to the Florida Keys being known universally as one of the premiere diving and snorkeling spots in the world.

Key Largo, the northernmost island, is a quick hour drive from the big city attractions of Miami, with other mainland conveniences even closer. Crossing the bridge into the Keys, however, realizes an instant change of pace. The relaxing, tropical ambiance is what defines life in the Florida Keys. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or are looking to enjoy the fun entertainment found at the restaurants and leisure destinations that the Keys offer, the Florida Keys have a little something for everyone.

About the Upper Florida Keys

The Upper Florida Keys are the northernmost collection of islands in the Florida Keys. The area remains popular for its proximity to the mainland - providing convenience and leisure destinations that other areas in the Keys cannot offer. Metropolitan areas like Miami can be reached in under an hour, allowing residents to reach cultural and entertainment venues such as theaters, galleries, shopping malls, and more quickly and easily. The Upper Florida Keys also provide a wonderful tropical lifestyle and some of the most beautiful vistas anywhere in the Florida Keys. The area contains the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World,” drawing anglers the world over to its shores. Boating, fishing, diving, and other water sports remain a favorite in the Upper Florida Keys and provide unparalleled experiences.

About the Middle Florida Keys

The Middle Florida Keys are located approximately halfway through the chain of islands. Included in the Middle Keys are Key Colony, Duck Key, Coco Plum, Long Key, Conch Key, Grassy Key, and arguably most notably Marathon. The Middle Keys are known for being the location of some of the best restaurants and entertainment destinations in the Florida Keys, including the ever-popular Hawk’s Cay. The region presents a high level of livability, with convenience locations abounding - particularly the inclusion of one of the Florida Keys’ only airports. Sport fishing and other waterbound activities are great in the Middle Keys and are popular with both residents and tourists alike.

About the Lower Florida Keys

The Lower Florida Keys are favored for their supreme natural beauty, untouched backcountry, and peaceful undercurrent. Being located further from the mainland has cultivated a community that revels in the tranquility of living off the beaten path and appreciates the unique beauty of the Florida Keys. With fewer tourist destinations, the Lower Keys - Big Pine Key included, is primarily residential. Residents are able to take advantage of fantastic off-shore fishing and diving spots on both the ocean and bay sides, as well as attractions such as the key deer that live nearby. The Lower Florida Keys house interesting boutique hotels, camping spots and RV locales, and family-friendly parks that are perfect for picnicking or other family enjoyments. In this region of the Keys, there are fewer commercial ventures like fast food joints, and more dedication to the natural aesthetic.

The Lower Keys are considered to begin at the start of the westerly turn of the islands, just after the easily recognizable Seven Mile Bridge. In addition to Big Pine Key, other islands in the Lower Florida Keys include Duck Key, Summerland Key, Big Torch Key and Little Torch Key, Sugarloaf Key, and Big Coppitt Key. Of course, also included in this list is the world famous Key West.

About Key Largo - Upper Keys Real Estate

Key Largo is the first island that you encounter upon entering the Florida Keys. As the northernmost locale, it is also the most convenient for those looking to take advantage of the mainland. Downtown Miami is just a one hour jaunt from Key Largo, while Fort Lauderdale is about 1 hour 45 minutes away, with conveniences such as airports, large shopping malls and more located therein. Real estate in Key Largo is highly prized for this proximity.

Key Largo is a wonderful place for outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. One of the most unique ecosystems in the world, the Florida Everglades, is just to the north of Key Largo. Here, you can enjoy fantastic kayaking, bird watching, and diverse fishing experiences. East of Key Largo lies the only living coral barrier reef in North America - giving way to some of the best fishing and diving in the world. For this reason, world class boat charters abound in Key Largo. From boating to snorkeling to basking in the sun, Key Largo offers the best of the outdoors to residents and visitors.

About Islamorada

The Village of Islamorada is actually a collection of six individual islands in the Florida Keys, including Upper and Lower Matecumbe, Plantation Key, and Windley Key. Lignumvitae Key and Indian Key are also included in Islamorada. Though they are mostly uninhabited, they are widely recognized for their beauty for natural parks and botantical gardens. Islamorada is easily one of the most popular destinations in the Florida Keys for purchasing real estate, as well as for simply visiting. The large assortment of atmospheric eateries, tiki bars, shops, and other attractions like the Theater of the Sea continually draw buyers and tourists alike to Islamorada. Arguably its biggest claim to fame, however, is its designation as the “Sport Fishing Capital of the World.” Whether fishing competitively or for enjoyment, Islamorada offers deep sea and backcountry fishing that is unparalleled anywhere else in the world. Islamorada ranks high in livability as well, with a wealth of conveniences and a location in the Upper Florida Keys that puts the mainland within easy reach.

About Plantation Key

Plantation Key is another prime residential spot in Islamorada. Located in the Upper Keys, Plantation Key is geographically situated between Key Largo and Windley Key. This is one of the best places in the Florida Keys in which to live - especially if you have children. Not only are there great restaurants, shops, and other family-friendly locales and parks nearby, but the main public schools that serve the Upper Florida Keys can be found in Plantation Key. Since the Florida Keys are so spread out and small in population, schools typically serve areas that can span many miles. The great availability of top real estate and the convenience of living near the public school system is a huge draw to Plantation Key.

About Windley Key

Windley Key is located within the popular village of Islamorada in the Upper Keys. This beautiful island is primarily residential, with some of the best real estate in Islamorada. It is also known, however, for several key attractions - namely the Theater of the Sea. At this great family park, visitors can view and interact with a wide array of marine animals, including sea lions, stingrays, and a plethora of varieties of fish. A favorite part of the park allows lucky visitors the ability to swim with dolphins as well. Also located in the area is the Windley Key Fossil Reef Geological State Park. This park affords visitors the rare opportunity to see fossilized coral in a natural environment. Of course, being located within Islamorada, Windley Key is a prime spot for fishing and diving as well.

About Upper Matecumbe Key

Upper Matecumbe Key is another gem in the Upper Florida Keys, found on the map between mile markers 79-83. As with the rest of the Upper Keys, Upper Matecumbe provides a high level of convenience and livability, as well as a lifestyle that rivals the best in the Keys. The area features a large assortment of great restaurants and leisure destinations. Likewise, anyone interested in fishing, diving, or snorkeling need look no further than Upper Matecumbe Key. Upper Matecumbe is a part of the village of Islamorada, a region known in angling circles as the “sport fishing capital of the world.” Off-shore Upper Matecumbe features an incredible world of marine life that draws experienced anglers and divers from around the globe.

About Lower Matecumbe Key

Lower Matecumbe Key is a popular destination in the Upper Florida Keys. Located at mile markers 75-78, the area is just a short drive from the mainland and conveniences such as an airport, large shopping malls, and other attractions. Lower Matecumbe is able, however, to retain the classic Florida Keys relaxing tropical atmosphere and appeal. 

As a part of the larger region known as Islamorada, Lower Matecumbe is home to some of the finest sport fishing in the world. Just off-shore, anglers in Lower Matecumbe reel in impressive catches everyday with a variety rarely seen elsewhere. From tarpon and bonefish to sailfish and mahi, Lower Matecumbe is the place to go for sport fishing. 

Popular sites and sounds in Lower Matecumbe include an assortment of top restaurants and casual hangouts. Lower Matecumbe is also home to Annie’s Beach - one of the few white sand beaches in the Keys easily accessible to visitors.

About Marathon - Middle Keys Real Estate

Marathon, in the Middle Florida Keys, offers the perfect blend of traditional Florida Keys living with the conveniences of other areas. Geographically, Marathon is a 10 mile stretch that includes Grassy Key, Vaca Key, and Fat Deer Key. Located midway through the chain of islands, Marathon is an easy drive from the mainland as well as from the excitement of Key West. Though Marathon provides everything that one could want - from restaurants and bars to great shopping - it is known for its dedication to preserving the small town tropical feel that the Florida Keys promises. Marathon is a true community; a great draw to real estate in the area. Other draws include the inclusion of one of the Florida Keys’ only airports and one of the best beaches in the Keys - Sombrero Beach - as well.

About Big Pine Key - Lower Keys Real Estate

Big Pine Key is the colossus of the Lower Florida Keys. It has a geographical land area of more than 10 square miles, easily making it the largest in the Lower Keys, and giving it the distinction of being the second largest island in the entire chain, behind only Key Largo. Big Pine Key is one of the most beautiful in the Florida Keys, with a natural and untouched feel that only adds to the aesthetic. The island is just a short drive from the vibrancy of Key West, allowing it to provide a relaxing and tranquil lifestyle while being just down the road from one of the most exciting locales in the country. Being primarily residential in nature, Big Pine Key offers great pieces of real estate for buyers looking to take full advantage of the island life.

Palm Beach Real Estate

A few hours North of the Florida Keys is Palm Beach County, home to the some of the finest real estate in South Florida. Featuring Palm Beach Gardens real estate and Jupiter Real Estate reside some of the finest golfing communities in the country it’s neighboring resort communities, Mirasol and Mirabella are just some of the many examples of exclusive communities that reside within the North Palm Beach County region.

Florida Keys Real Estate

The most trusted source for the latest listings updated hourly, with market insights such as closed sales and more. The hyper-local real estate portal of the Florida Keys

  • Photo KEY WEST
    4 Beds, 3 Baths for $800,000


    Tropical Bldt & Investment Co 2,066 SqFt MLS# 597079
  • Photo Sugarloaf
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $810,000

    Sugarloaf, FL

    Indian Mound Estates (19.5) 1,587 SqFt MLS# 599245
  • Photo Ramrod
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $810,000

    Ramrod, FL

    Breezeswept Bch Est (27.5) 960 SqFt MLS# 598873
  • Photo Big Pine
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $815,000

    Big Pine, FL

    Ross Haven (31.0) 868 SqFt MLS# 599058
  • Photo Tavernier
    4 Beds, 3 Baths for $825,000

    Tavernier, FL

    Indian Waterways (89.0) 3,070 SqFt MLS# 599025
  • Photo Big Pine
    3 Beds, 2 Baths for $825,000

    Big Pine, FL

    Eden Pines Colony (29.0) 1,064 SqFt MLS# 599018
  • Photo KEY WEST
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $825,000


    New Town - Unlisted (2.0) 1,357 SqFt MLS# 598995
  • Photo Little Torch
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $825,000

    Little Torch, FL

    Torch Key Estates (28.0) 1,266 SqFt MLS# 596059
  • Photo MARATHON
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $825,000


    Gulfpointe (53.5) 1,387 SqFt MLS# 598286
  • Photo Conch
    3 Beds, 1 Baths for $825,000

    Conch, FL

    Conch Key (62.5) 1,044 SqFt MLS# 598139
  • Photo KEY LARGO
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $829,000


    Landings of Largo (98.0) 1,029 SqFt MLS# 599276
  • Photo Ramrod
    3 Beds, 2 Baths for $839,000

    Ramrod, FL

    Breezeswept Bch Est (27.5) 1,320 SqFt MLS# 596382
  • Photo KEY LARGO
    4 Beds, 3 Baths for $839,000


    Key Largo Ocn Resorts (94.5) 1,658 SqFt MLS# 585527
  • Photo KEY LARGO
    4 Beds, 3 Baths for $839,000


    Key Largo Ocn Resorts (94.5) 1,658 SqFt MLS# 585588
  • Photo MARATHON
    2 Beds, 2 Baths for $840,000


    Tranquility Bay (48.5) 850 SqFt MLS# 598282
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