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Why Now is the Time to Strike While the Selling Iron is Hot

If you are even remotely considering selling your Florida Keys home, now might be exactly the time to pull the trigger. Much has been made about the incredible demand that the Sunshine State has seen in regards to the Great Migration and the overwhelming amounts of buyers entering our real...

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Hurricane Season Begins With a Bang in the Florida Keys

Hurricane season 2022 is officially upon us. Here in the Florida Keys, we need to be hyper-vigilant regarding hurricane season, and what that means for us as residents. This year, record-breaking numbers of newbies have moved into South Florida - including right here in the Keys - from corners of...

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What Are the Beach Beaches in the Upper Keys?

The Florida Keys are a tropical destination like no other. Here, we have 365 days of warm, tropical temperatures, crystal clear water, and easy breezes. While most residents of Florida Keys homes and visitors to our islands spend most of their days out on the water, something we are not...

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Florida Hometown Heroes Housing Program Gets the Go-Ahead from State Government

Over the past several months, the governor and the Florida Legislature have been floating an idea to help some of our most important neighbors get a leg up in the real estate market. Called the Hometown Heroes Housing Program, the idea was to provide financial support in real estate transactions...

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Housing Inventory Grows While Days on Market Shrinks in South Florida

Definite shifts have been happening in the national real estate market. With the Fed raising the mortgage interest rate by nearly unprecedented percentage points in the past month, it was expected that changes would begin to happen. Nationally, mortgage applications dropped by 12% in just one week, from the first...

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Down Payment Assistance Widely Available According to State Agency

With the soaring home prices seen nationally and rising interest rates, many homebuyers are worried that they may not be able to afford the new norm for monthly payments, or what these rising prices will mean for their down payment. Higher valued home = higher down payment. Many buyers struggle...

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Leading Tech Trends that (Will) Influence Real Estate

Evolving technology is a way of life. Systems, protocols, and tangible tech are constantly being developed and improved upon to make our lives easier and more efficient - including in the way we think about and transact real estate. The National Association of Realtors recently met in National Harbor, Maryland...

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20th Anniversary of Spiegel Grove Sinking This Month in Key Largo

For many years, retired military vessels have been finding new life after being decommissioned, and they are finding it at the bottom of the ocean. When a ship is scuttled, it has the ability to form an artificial reef on the ocean floor. This technique has become a vital part...

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Early Indications of Market Shift Nationally

Competition has been fierce for homebuyers these past two years. When a new home hits the market, there seems to be a frenzy of interested buyers all racing to snatch it up before anyone else can, and all looking to outbid their opponents. The competition created by a huge imbalance...

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Florida Keys’ Most Iconic Bar Celebrates 85 Years this Week

Florida Keys. Sloppy Joe’s Bar. These two go hand in hand in the thoughts of millions when they think of our tropical paradise. Known in the hearts of many as their favorite corner bar, it has become one of the most easily recognizable and favorite tourist hotspots in the Keys,...

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