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Could 3D Printing be Next for Florida Keys Real Estate?

3D printing has long been seen as a wave of the future that will impact many industries. Many are pointing to real estate as the next industry to be revolutionized by this innovative process, and many companies have their sights set on Florida.

Building prices have increased dramatically in recent years, and home prices are skyrocketing in this post-pandemic world.  3D printing could be a solution to these problems. The use of 3D printing in building construction is purported to lower costs significantly. Companies in the 3D printing industry say that using 3D printing slashes the cost of construction by 30% to 40%. Additionally, the time saved is immense! Experts say that an entire interior and exterior of a home can be printed in just 12-24 hours! This is a far cry from the months or years that it takes to construct a home in the traditional way.

The use of 3D printing in home construction has been used in many places already on a small scale. An entire neighborhood of 3D printed homes has been constructed in Mexico, and proof-of-concept residences have been built in states like New York and California. In fact, there was recently a 3D printed home for sale in Riverhead New York, listed at $299,999. America’s first all 3D printed neighborhood is being planned for near Palm Springs soon.

Why is Florida in the spotlight as the perfect market for these 3D printed neighborhoods? It’s a numbers game. Florida is the third largest state in terms of population, and is easily one of the fastest growing real estate markets in the country. The market is ready for fast-built homes to fill the ever-growing demand as more and more people seek to move to our state.

Those in the industry also point to how effective 3D printed homes could be at replacing homes and buildings destroyed by the major storms that Florida faces every year. Therein lay the problem, however, for 3D printing when it comes to the Florida Keys real estate market. Hurricane season poses a major problem for the industry. The building codes in Florida are much different than elsewhere in the country, with construction required to meet certain requirements to sustain the winds of hurricanes. The typical process for 3D printing in construction does not allow for the rebar necessary, or for the concrete to be poured in such a way that it could pass the Florida Building Code. In order for the next wave of Florida Keys luxury homes for sale to be 3D printed, the process will need to be refined to allow for the strength necessary to survive hurricane season and pass inspection. As the industry is really in its infancy, it is very plausible to believe that in the near future 3D printed neighborhoods will begin popping up in the Florida Keys!


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