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Hurricane Season Officially Ends for 2021

Hurricane season is something every resident of the Florida Keys watches closely and prepares for carefully. There is arguably no greater concern for many Florida Keys homeowners for the months of June through November. The good news is that hurricane season for 2021 is officially over!

Coming to a close on November 30, this hurricane season was luckily a relatively easy one for the Florida Keys. In fact, this is the third straight hurricane season with no major hurricane impacting the state of Florida. This has been a much needed break for the state, which is still dealing with the impacts of 2017’s Irma and 2018’s Michael, both of which caused major damage. This was an active year in the Atlantic - the second straight year of going through the entire scheduled list of names - with 21 named storms, which set the record for the third most of any season on record. Of those 21 storms, seven reached hurricane status, and four reached winds that became category 3 strength or higher. Even with all this activity, only three total storms impacted the state of Florida, with just tropical storm force winds and mild rainfall.

Since there is a break from the threat of potential storms until June, now is a good time to ensure that your Florida Keys home, and you, are ready for next year. Check your shutters to make sure you have all parts and pieces, and replace them now if any are missing. Buy your plywood now and store it. Necessary supplies become scarce, and sometimes more expensive, as hurricane season nears or begins, so it is a great idea to get them now before this becomes an issue. Clear out your hurricane supply stash of any food items that may be nearing expiration. Examine your Florida Keys property for any signs of damage that may need repair and spend the next few months attending to any repairs that need to be done. Companies can get backlogged and pricier during hurricane season. Taking care of these things slowly now will ensure that you avoid the rush and stress of hurricane season. Most of all, enjoy the break and amazing weather that living in the Florida Keys affords you!

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