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Islamorada Seeking Tougher Laws on Noise

Residents of Islamorada homes, be aware that public officials are looking to get tougher on current noise ordinances in the village. The goal, according to council members, is to further the ability for residents to quietly enjoy their Islamorada lifestyle.

Currently, the noise ordinance allows for construction and lawn maintenance to begin in Islamorada at 7:00 am and construction can begin at 7:30 am. This is much too early according to some council members. Both lawn maintenance and construction are typically permitted until sundown, again angering some council members who point out that during summer months sundown is usually not until 8:30 at night. Several council members and residents of Islamorada have complained that these early morning and evening hours infringe upon their rights of being able to enjoy their properties in peace and quiet.

In July, the Islamorada City Council met to discuss the issue of noise ordinances within village limits and decided to convene a panel to analyze the problem and brainstorm potential solutions. The overall focus was trying to navigate between residents’ “quiet enjoyment” of their lives and property owners’ rights. In researching the issue, the council looked at the noise ordinance policies of many similar coastal areas, including Palm Beach, Jupiter Island, and Boca Raton as well as nearby Florida Keys including Marathon, Key West, and Ocean Reef. Their findings showed that many of these areas have far greater restrictions on noise than Islamorada does. Most of these communities restrict noise-making activities on Sundays and holidays all year round. They also often restrict some equipment such as leaf blowers or gas powered tools and lawnmowers. Some Islamorada council members, such as David Webb and Vice Mayor Pete Bacheler, would like to see some of these common restrictions brought to Islamorada as well. Mayor Buddy Pinder has called for more conversation with construction companies and actual residents of Islamorada to hear their concerns and opinions before any decision is made.

The next Islamorada City Council meeting will be held on Thursday September 30, 2021 at Founders Park to discuss this issue and hear from residents. If you are a current resident of Islamorada, or one looking to purchase a home for sale in Islamorada, the time is now to make your opinions heard by the council!

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