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Supply Shortages Could Create a Crisis in the Housing and Building Industries

Supply shortages have been seen across the country in a wide variety of industries. According to the CEO of the National Association of Home Builders, Jerry Howard, the next industries to have major implications could be the housing and building industries.

Howard reports that he has met with industry builders from around the nation and they are all seeing the same thing. Demand is huge, as more and more Americans are building or renovating. The increased demand for building supplies is a nationwide trend both in smaller cities and urban city-centers. Builders are already seeing supply shortages in many areas. As the country sees continued delays as ships are stuck in ports around the country, Howard fears that this is a problem that is just getting started, and in fact, may worsen in the months to come. He calls the situation a “looming crisis.”

Problems with the supply chain can have great implications for homeowners and those looking to purchase homes for sale in the Florida Keys. Anyone looking to build or renovate a home could be facing these supply chain issues. Already, builders are seeing delays for supplies like concrete, lumber, drywall, and other materials necessary to complete projects. Also seeing major delays are things like appliances - refrigerators, washing machines, and ranges. Currently, delays are commonly three to four months. The fear, however, is that if the supply chain issues are not solved soon delay times can increase.

The immediate effect of these delays are not just time and frustration, but also money. Time is money and the longer it takes for projects to be completed, the longer the site sits unfinished, the more money projects will cost homeowners. Already these delays are costing thousands of dollars as a result. Depending on where in the country you are building and what supplies you require, the cost could be even more. Building a home in the Florida Keys is already a difficult process, from permitting to ROGO to the added difficulty of getting supplies in the islands. This is a cost that many simply cannot afford. Jerry Howard of the National Association of Home Builders stresses that this is a problem that needs to be solved, and soon!  

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