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What You Need to Know About King Tides in Monroe County

Living in Monroe County is a unique experience. While we have year round beautiful weather, the most beautiful tropical scenery, and a breezy lifestyle, sometimes living in a waterfront home in the Florida Keys can present its challenges. One thing that residents of Monroe County need to be aware of, whether you live waterfront or not, is king tides.

King tides are exceptionally high tides that represent the highest tides expected in the year - typically much higher than normal. Scientifically speaking, a king tide usually occurs during new and full moons when the sun, moon, and earth’s orbits are aligned. In the Florida Keys, they tend to occur during the fall months, and can happen several times throughout the year. Because of their origin, meteorologists are easily able to predict when they will occur. In the Keys, king tides are predicted to occur on the new and full moons in the months between September and December. Since the dates change every year, the National Weather Service can provide exact dates that you can expect the highest tides each year.

What can you expect from king tides? It is common to see flooding in low-lying and coastal areas during king tides. Here in the Florida Keys, that can be most places. If there has been heavy rainfall in the days before a king tide is to occur, flooding can be more extreme. It is important to prepare your Florida Keys home to avoid water damage if your home is not stilted. Also avoid parking in low-lying areas. You should avoid driving through king tide flood waters, as it will be saltwater and can damage your car. If driving through it is unavoidable, be sure to thoroughly rinse your car after to flush out the saltwater. Boaters should also take note that higher tide waters can mean tighter clearances under bridges. King tide waters should recede in a few days, but it is important to be aware and be prepared.

Monroe County monitors the tides and any flooding throughout the Keys. However, county officials ask that if you come across coastal flooding, take note and contact them with pictures and the date and time to assist in damage control and future planning.

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