Stock Island Real Estate for Sale, Homes and Condos in the Florida Keys

Real estate in Stock Island is located just off of the ever-popular tourist and residential center of Key West.  The market consists of beautiful waterfront Stock Island condos that overlook the spectacular tropical waters of the Lower Florida Keys, as well as great Stock Island homes that give residents easy access to the many attractions of Key West.  This top Florida Keys real estate market attracts real estate buyers from around the globe for its beauty and perfect location.

Popular Searches for Stock Island, FL

These are the most popular Stock Island real estate searches. The categories below can help you simplify your searches by accessing the listings you are looking for with quick links, for more specific Stock Island MLS searches please use our advanced search to help you pin point the the exact property you are looking for.

Currently as of today October 14, 2019 there are 4 homes for sale in Stock Island, 1 of those houses are waterfront MLS listings. Stock Island also has 10 condos for sale and 5 of those condo listings are waterfront properties for sale. These Realtor listings are in 10 different neighborhoods in this Florida Keys city. This changes daily so be sure to sign up for email alerts, or contact a Stock Island Realtor from our team of experts.

10 Communities in Stock Island, Florida

Avg Price # For Sale Neighborhood Mile Marker Min Price Max Price
$579,999 1 Balido Subdivision MM 5.00 $579,999 $579,999
$199,000 1 Harbour Shores, Si MM 5.00 $199,000 $199,000
$342,000 1 Lincoln Gard. No. 1 MM 5.00 $342,000 $342,000
$411,333 3 Lincoln Gard. No. 2 MM 5.00 $330,000 $455,000
$357,450 2 Lincoln Man Et. Amd MM 5.00 $350,000 $364,900
$467,500 2 Maloney Subdivision MM 5.00 $360,000 $575,000
$515,000 1 Maloney Subdivision Subdivisiondivision MM 5.00 $515,000 $515,000
$866,500 4 Oceanside Marina MM 5.00 $849,000 $879,000
$1,300,000 1 Safe Harbor Maritime MM 5.00 $1,300,000 $1,300,000
$1,150,000 1 Stuart Subdivision MM 5.00 $1,150,000 $1,150,000
Stock Island, Florida

Current Stock Island Market Statistics as of 10-14-2019

Total Listings Type Lowest Price Highest Price Avg Price
4 All Homes $449,000 $1,150,000 $658,499
1 Homes - Waterfront $1,150,000 $1,150,000 $1,150,000
10 All Condos $350,000 $1,300,000 $693,090
5 Condos - Waterfront $849,000 $1,300,000 $953,200

About Stock Island

Stock Island is a beautiful island located due east of the ever-popular Key West.  In fact, it is separated from Key West by Cow Key Channel, which is itself only 75 yards wide.  As such, Stock Island is often mistakenly thought of as an extension of Key West.  Some of Key West’s most popular attractions are even located on Stock Island, including the spectacular Key West Golf Club, and Key West Botanical Forest and Garden, two exceedingly popular sites.  Stock Island also contains the Lower Keys Medical Center.

One of the major reasons for visiting or living on Stock Island is obviously due to its close proximity to Key West.  However, it also has its own share of attractions, including Boyd’s Campground, which features great camping facilities and offers the opportunity to explore the nature and surroundings of Stock Island.  There are a number of great areas for kayaking and canoeing on Stock Island as well.  The island features several notable restaurants and other entertainment attractions, more so than many of the Lower Keys.

Stock Island, while commonly being associated with Key West, is itself a stand-out island in the Florida Keys.

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