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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Real Estate in the Keys

When it comes to technology and how it impacts our daily lives, artificial intelligence is the future, but it is also the present. AI is alive and well in today’s world, and it is transforming many aspects of our lives including how we buy and sell properties in the Florida Keys. A good tech-savvy realtor is necessary in today’s world to capitalize on the benefits that artificial intelligence is bringing to the industry. With so many buyers of homes for sale in the Florida Keys coming from out of state, artificial intelligence is imperative in today’s market to close deals quickly and easily.

When your Florida Keys realtor prepares to sell your home, much information goes into accurately listing it within the current market. What should the list price be? How long should you expect it to take to sell? What competition is there in your neighborhood? It used to take time to compile the data, analyze it, and come up with answers. Today, artificial intelligence algorithms can gather the data from multiple public information sites, and come up with answers almost instantly. Algorithms can even be used to anticipate, based on other owner information, how likely it is that there will be new listings popping up while yours is waiting to be sold. This is greatly speeding up the selling process and helping agents and owners to price their home for sale in the Florida Keys at the perfect balance of aggressive and realistic for a fast home sale. Artificial intelligence can also quickly scrutinize buying trends in the area to help agents hone in on the right type of buyer for the property. Using AI, realtors can target visitors who have viewed your listing multiple times online and turn that interest into a sale.

Artificial intelligence is really revolutionizing the home buying process. If you are looking to buy a home in the Florida Keys, AI will certainly be used to streamline your purchase, particularly in the home loan department. Artificial intelligence allows for computer programs to instantly scan through thousands of documents and analyze things like debt ratios, personal information, property values and more to find hundreds of options for home loans. Programs are being used by companies like LoanSnap that completely personalize mortgage loan options tailored to the needs of buyers. Algorithms come up with these plans in minutes, instead of the weeks or months doing it the old way.

Already own a luxury home in the Keys? Algorithms used by mortgage companies can employ the same techniques to save you money through re-financing as well.

Realtors are able to use artificial intelligence to find buyers exactly the right home as well. Previously, hours were spent combing through the MLS manually looking for properties that check some of the boxes, only to show the property and it is not quite what you are looking for. Now tech-savvy realtors can instantly narrow down your search to find the right property that checks them all.

Whether you are buying or selling in the Florida Keys, artificial intelligence is helping to make the process much more efficient and many transactions are moving faster than ever before with the help of artificial intelligence. It is important that your realtor not only know the Florida Keys real estate market well, but also have a firm grasp on how to use artificial intelligence to speed up and make your transaction close seamlessly.


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